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Hi there, I'm Janessa

My journey with photography started in 2020, when I, with the endless support from my husband and daughter, decided to move halfway across the country from Atlanta to Denver, with no friends or family! I knew that this would be the bravest and most spontaneous thing I would do, so I knew I needed a new outlet that would re-tell our story when we looked back to see how crazy we were to make such moves.

But little did we know that this would be the best beginning of our new chapters, and sparked so much confidence in ourselves and for each other. This experience inspired me to bring the same feelings of joy, confidence, and appreciation to others as they begin their own chapters to their story. I’ve been so lucky to be a part of so many couples’ stories from engagement, to their wedding, to now photographing their beautiful families!

I truly believe in the importance of looking back on your wedding photos and being able to relive that day over and over. My husband and I feel the same way after seven years of being married! That’s why I personally edit all of the photos in your gallery to evoke that same feeling of excitement and love that you felt on your big day.

Timeless photos

You’ve spent months planning your wedding, and now the day if finally here. The last thing you want to feel is stressed out by the timeline or by who is around you. That’s why I am super flexible with timing, and last minute detail changes. Things happen, and with as fast as your wedding day goes, not all events will happen at the exact second as planned, and that’s okay! As a wedding professional, we are used to adapting, and with grace :) 

A laid back experience

What matters most


Maybe you can relate...

Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna

biggest girl crush?

Evergreen by Omar Apollo 

go to karaoke song?

Anything with cheese!  Cheese cubes are no match for me 

Fav snack?

What's your personality type?

I'm an INTJ-T, a turbulent architect

Considered a rare type, Architects are known for being ambitious and goal oriented. We are determined and independent, and we strive off of embracing challenge- which is something that is necessary becoming a business owner myself!

I love challenges, and being able to offer solutions to my couples that may need support in any way possible. I’ve been in the industry for a handful of years now being exposed to endless inspiration, and the Pisces in me is always eager and empathic with those that I am fortunate to cross paths with. Not to mention, being a “dreamer” in this industry has become quite a superpower for me haha


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